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Dont Krieg On Me ( DKOM )

DKOM is a 3rd person, team based tower defense game with single and multiplayer modes. The game is set in various landscapes featuring modern and sci-fi elements, let it be trench war, space stations, extra-terrestrial bases/outposts, power plants, mineral extraction mines, etc.

The main gameplay is around players playing role as private contractors/mercenaries hired to defend a facility/asset from waves of hundred of enemies who, each round increase their number and difficulty. However players are not alone; they fight next to the employers local security/defender forces. As the players earn resources by succesfully defending the objective  through the rounds, they will be able to hire more reinforcements (local defenders) or buy defensive structures (turret-bunkers, mobile turrets, bots/androids, barricades and more!).

Portada DKOM

More media coming soon!

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