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ENDURANCE WARRIORS will be a 3rd person fantasy action game where players play FFA (free for all) taking the role of a squad that can be composed by 1 to 15 units. The squad/player starts with a weak and generic unit type, and will be able to upgrade it to a stronger or more specific unit type. The stronger/specialized the unit is, the less numbers of units the squad will have, ie from a single faction: 10 goblins sligers,  5 orc medium infantry or 2 ogres.

The gameplay will consist on players being good at fighting, but also at managing the points they earn by damaging & eliminating enemy players. The victory is achieved by earning certain amount of points, however, the same points are used to upgrade the squad and restoring slain squad members. Efficient gameplay is needed to win the game: dying makes you lose your points, clickers have no place in the podium ;).

More media coming soon!

Endurance Warriors
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