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FRAG PIT will be a 3rd person melee combat action game where players can play in teams of between 1 to 3 players to fight against other teams in an Arena. Players can choose one of four fighters clases: Human, Elf, Dwarf or Orc, each one having the same basic actions while also granted with their unique special movement/attack which, in combination with each clase attribute balance, will make the warriors have their role in the team.

The gameplay is around the teams focusing on winning the most rounds of Arena combat, in the least time. Characters are bare chest and have no weapon... unless they are lucky enought to find and pic up any of the very few weapons that will be scattered through the arena: a dagger, sticks and stones. Finding and using one of these items will change the team odds for good, but their bearers should not be overexposed because they could be eliminated and the item picked by a player from other team!

More media coming soon!

Frag Pit
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