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Patreon: Coming on April

To create community and gather funds for the development of our projects, patreon and similar platforms are useful tools that will help us reach our goals.

On April, our Patreon page will go live. There, we will seek funds and support from those who find potential in the concept of blending physical miniatures games with digital games of the same theme. Currently, we are developing three titles: Dont Krieg on Me, Frag Pit and Endurance Warriors. These are "micro games" as we call them. Straight forward multiplayer games to have fun quickly, short and simple game sessions, intuitive game mechanics which are not deep and complex as a singleplayer story-mode game could be, but are heterogenous enought to offer variety of gameplay/tactics. The patreon will be focused on Dont Krieg on Me which is a Sci-fi genre game, and secondly in Frag Pit, which is already a funny game to develop. More content will be released as the time passes, updated will be done both in the patreon, and this blog to keep all of you up-to-date! -Erramir Orlans


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