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Games concept

Despite being in the era of digital gaming, virtual reallity, streams, e-sports and augmented reality, tabletop games still have a place in the entertainment world, and is constantly being updated, incorporating modern technology whenever is possible to increase the impact of the gaming sessions experiences.

One of these technologies is 3D printing. 3D printing is revolutionizing the physical gaming scene by allowing players to have thousands of alternative game pieces to be adquired (free or payed), downloaded and 3D printed to be used in the games they were meant for.

This phenomenon is posible thanks to the emergence of thousands of 3D artists all over the internet who on a monthly basis create and upload 3D models for such games: miniatures, scenery pieces, dice  towers, movement trays, alternate pawns, counters, bases and all what you can find in tabletop games, so that players can 3D print, paint and use them.

And here is where the "Portal" is opened, a portal between physical and digital gaming: the 3D models originally designed to be brought to the physical world by 3D printing, can be slightly modified (optimized) and transformed into video game assets!

Showoff phases stages00.png

By creating video games whose assets were originally designed for 3D printing/tabletop gaming, and with the proper communication between both worlds several things will happen:
1) Tabletop gamers will be able to incarnate their favourite characters and scenaries from their favourite creaters, in an immersive enviroment: the video games with their level design, music, sounds, and characters in movement, with voices.

2) Those video gamers who are not aware of the tabletop gaming, may end be interested in this funny world where you get to play face to face with other people! Or just in 3D printing as a new hobby!
3) In Joy Games Interactive we believe in participation, "joining forces" and in experimental projects, so, we will be featuring and promoting these creators, these artists who are willing to"give a try" and provide 3D models in any form of agreement and any amount.

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